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Hauser Geode Beds

    The Hauser Geode Beds are located south west of Blythe off of Interstate 10 and then Wiley's Well Road South.  It takes about 1 hour from Blythe to get there.  About 30 minutes on paved road and then 30 minutes on dirt road.

    Known to rock hounds for many years, the Hauser geode beds have produced some very beautiful geodes of varied types.  Some geodes are lined with amethyst crystals, others have white or black calcite crystals . A geode is a sphere shaped rock which contains a hollow cavity lined with crystals. A geode which is completely filled with small compact crystal formations such as agate or jasper is called a nodule or Thunder Egg.

    The Hauser Geode Beds were discovered in 1937 by Joel Hauser, a Blythe Native. As there were no roads in the Black Hills area, Mr. Hauser used his Model A Ford that he paid $37.50 for to explore this region.  One day while trying to drive around the Black Hills the Hauser beds was discovered.  There are several areas to find geodes in, the Hauser beds, the Straw beds and the Potato Patch, for details on exact locations see the maps.

Directions from Blythe

    Take Interstate 10 west to Wiley's Well Road. Go South on the Wiley Well Road (paved road but turns into a nice graded dirt road) and go past the Wiley Well camp ground. Continue South go past Coon Hollow campground, and past the Bradshaw trail. You will see a sign marked Hauser Geode Beds turn right on this dirt road. (this road is rough in spots,4 wheel drive vehicle suggested, but a 2 wheel drive truck or high ground clearance SUV will make it).


Continue on the more defined road. At 4.4 miles from Hauser Geode bed sign there will be a fork in the road and a sign for Ashley Flats, turn left for the Hauser beds and Potato Patch, right for the Straw beds. On the left fork at 5.4 miles you will reach another fork in the road, left will take you to the potato patch, right will take you to the Hauser Geode beds. At 6.2 miles there is another fork, left to potato patch, right to Hauser bed. For Straw beds continue on Right fork for .7mile take left on next fork, and continue about 3.4 miles to Straw bed. Look for diggings in the side of the hills, you can dig into the green ash and find geodes. Or you can walk around and pick up geodes that other miners missed or didnít want.


Tools To Take With You

Shovel, pick, rock hammer,  several buckets (depending on your luck), and an old heavy cloth to sit on in the hole you create.  Regular desert items as well, such as lots of water, food, first aid kit, cell phone maps etc...

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