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Join the Nuggetwranglers!

Who:  We are locals and seasonal visitors (Welcome Snowbirds) with a love for the outdoors and a passion and thrill for treasure seeking.  Usually in the form of gold nuggets, however many share mutual interests such as rock and mineral collecting as well.

Where:  Meetings will be decided as we go along generally held October through March the second Wednesday of the month.

When:  We meet the forth Saturday of the month at different claims...

Why:  To provide a source of information and companionship for the beginner and expert alike in the area of gold prospecting and rock and mineral collecting.  Membership entitles you to full access to ALL NWA claim sites and all the GOLD you can find there.

How:  Just show up and see for yourself if it's of interest to you.  If your ready to signup and get the full advantages of the NWA membership just speak to any board member or email the NWA President below for more details.

Cost:  Just $20 for a year's worth of claim access.  All gold you find is yours.





Please note.....

 We are a NON-Profit organization. NO ONE in this club gets paid ANY salary. 
All money collected goes back into the clubs claims / tools / cookouts, etc...

Send mail to webmaster@nuggetwranglers.net with questions or comments about this web site.
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