Nugget Wranglers
Quartzsite, Arizona
Our Claims


Following is a partial list of claims owned by Nugget Wrangler's Association.  Claim GPS information and maps are available to all members.  Please attend a meeting or email the NWA president for information on membership.

Ehrenburg Tom Wells Road
 We dropped Nugget Wrangler 1, and Nugget Wrangler3 but there is a lot of area that can't be claimed that produced also old claims may be avaiable if not claimed.

Diablo Pass
Near Old Man Mountain –    Claim numbers  Nugget wrangler 6 Nugget Wrangler 7,  Nugget Wrangler 11, Nugget Wrangler 12 for a total of about  640 acres   Nugget Wrangler 9, Nugget Wrangler 10   320 acres

NO LONGER AVAILABLE--Ehrenburg Morganville and Goodman Wash--Due to changes within the Colorado River Indian Tribe (CRIT) this area is not currently available to us. We kept these and trying to make them acessable to the club.

We are always looking for more claims. If we find a area that is good we could file a 20 acre  claim  would cost 189.00 plus 140.00 maintaince so would have  to be good .

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